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Walmart Expands Mini Melts Vending Kiosk Pilot To 12 States

vendingtimesNORWICH, CT — A test of dedicated Mini Melts vending machines in Walmart stores has led to an expanded pilot in a dozen states that will likely set the stage for further expansion and present an opportunity for independent operators to service them.

The test of Mini Melts-branded Evolution venders, made by Danbury, CT-based Fastcorp, began in February in 20 stores in Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Sales exceeded expectations and, based upon the results, Walmart expanded the program to additional markets, according to Shawn Kilcoyne, chief executive of Norwich, CT-based Mini Melts USA Inc.

The ice cream venders — which the companies call kiosks — are now in Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Missouri, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas and Virginia.

The most recent market, added in mid-October, is Dallas, where the Mini Melts team installed machines in 52 stores in one day, marking the largest single-day rollout in the company’s history.

Vending TimesThe machines are merchandised with cups of the novel cryogenically frozen ice cream beads in six flavors. All of them are equipped with wireless technology, enabling automated reporting to Walmart, as well as credit card acceptance.

Mini Melts USA president Dan Kilcoyne credits the Wal-Mart team for much of the vending pilot’s success. “We had originally set a high-bar for performance and to date we have exceeded expectations,” he said.

Current Walmart machines are operated by “a 50-50 mix” of Mini Melts corporate staff and members in its network of independent operators, which it would seek to expand, if the Walmart program is extended to other states.

Fastcorp president Todd Piatnik said that if the newer deployments continue to perform well, there will be prospects for further expansion to additional markets in 2013. “There will be substantive opportunity for vending operators to get involved should Walmart expand this,” he said.

Fastcorp Fast-PRO Distribution Plan Offers Operators Growth Avenue

vendingtimesDANBURY, CT — Fastcorp LLC has announced a national partnership program with leading vending operators in major markets. The company reports that its Fastcorp Preferred Regional Operator model is designed to speed implementation of its new field sales and service initiatives.

Over the past year, Fastcorp has redesigned its celebrated frozen-product vender to incorporate new technology, resulting in the Evolution design. This further refines the company’s original concept, which is to store product in a base-mounted freezer chest for maximum refrigeration efficiency and protection, and apply robotics to the functions of opening the chest lid, retrieving and delivering the product, and closing the lid again.

Fastcorp has restructured its sales division as part of a new marketing approach that seeks to generate placement opportunities for operators by targeting prospective accounts.

The equipment maker also reports that it has developed solutions to many perceived obstacles to widespread deployment of ice cream and frozen-food machines, such as the availability of suitable product, frozen transportation and frozen storage.

To advance these programs, Fastcorp has formed major brand partnerships in the United States and abroad. Domestic brand partners include Schwan’s, Blue Bunny, Dippin Dots and Mini Melts. The company also has developed both Unilever and Nestlé business relationships in Europe.

The Benefits to Owning an Ice Cream Vending Machine Business

Starting a business provides many benefits. Starting a vending machine business provides the luxury of working less than one day per week while receiving those same benefits. The vending machine market has grown exponentially in recent years, and allows you to run a business that’s simple to execute with low capital start-up costs and high profit margins.

Your customers are looking for convenience, and with busy lives they’re looking to satisfy a craving while on the move. You will have a broad target audience when you begin an ice cream vending machine business through Mini Melts. There are certain aspects to keep in mind that ensure you achieve the most success through your business venture. Our business opportunity, an alternative to a franchise, requires no franchise fees or royalties. And the vending machine business offers an abundance of additional benefits that make your next business venture exciting.

Simple Execution. When you start your business, we provide you with everything you need to get started, making the process easier. From the machine itself to coolers, freezers, and cups of ice cream, you can set up and execute a business plan stress-free. You’ll streamline the process by setting up a vending machine, placing it in a lucrative location and watching your earnings pile in.

Location. The most important aspect is location. The more people passing by your vending machine, the better your potential is with the business. Think about the product—delicious cups of ice cream—and choose a location that can provide the most return on investment. With locations available nationwide, you can choose high trafficked areas such as zoos or theme parks, or choose popular shopping destinations like Walmart. The opportunities are endless.

Earnings Potential. As vending machines are sprouting up in many areas and venues across the country, ice cream has become a popular and profitable vending machine product. Depending on the location of your machine, you can make money around the clock without being present. You can check in and collect your earnings once a week, and re-stock to maintain your operation.

Brand Recognition. When you franchise with Mini Melts we want you to be passionate about our product, the best beaded ice cream available on the market, and enjoy all the benefits we offer.. You’ll be a part of our family and build your own business reputation as you grow. Ice cream is a treat everyone enjoys, and you’ll receive tips from us to get your business up and running as quickly as possible.

Make sure to get the proper licenses before you set up, and take initiative in your new venture by keeping your equipment in good working order. If you have any questions about our business opportunities, or would like to learn more about our proven business model, don’t hesitate to contact us!