Fastcorp Fast-PRO Distribution Plan Offers Operators Growth Avenue

vendingtimesDANBURY, CT — Fastcorp LLC has announced a national partnership program with leading vending operators in major markets. The company reports that its Fastcorp Preferred Regional Operator model is designed to speed implementation of its new field sales and service initiatives.

Over the past year, Fastcorp has redesigned its celebrated frozen-product vender to incorporate new technology, resulting in the Evolution design. This further refines the company’s original concept, which is to store product in a base-mounted freezer chest for maximum refrigeration efficiency and protection, and apply robotics to the functions of opening the chest lid, retrieving and delivering the product, and closing the lid again.

Fastcorp has restructured its sales division as part of a new marketing approach that seeks to generate placement opportunities for operators by targeting prospective accounts.

The equipment maker also reports that it has developed solutions to many perceived obstacles to widespread deployment of ice cream and frozen-food machines, such as the availability of suitable product, frozen transportation and frozen storage.

To advance these programs, Fastcorp has formed major brand partnerships in the United States and abroad. Domestic brand partners include Schwan’s, Blue Bunny, Dippin Dots and Mini Melts. The company also has developed both Unilever and NestlĂ© business relationships in Europe.