Business & Franchise Opportunities Under 10k

franchise opportunities under 10kFor passionate entrepreneurs that want to start their own business venture, Mini Melts offers the commitment, quality of product, and resources you need. Our affordable business provides a great alternate to franchise opportunities that are priced under 10k, and presents a high return on investment through a proven method of sales. We are an alternative to franchise opportunities, and allow you to form a partnership without the cost of royalties and franchise fees.

The business value of these opportunities as a franchise alternative presented through Mini Melts are second to none. Our product stands out through its delicious flavor and highest quality. Customized logo graphics are part of every machine, and you can choose the best placement for your distribution.

What are the benefits of utilizing the Mini Melts alternative to franchise opportunities?

• Proven earnings method
• Quality product with flavor varieties
• Support to help you get started
• Minimal risk
• Online, real-time tracking so you know exactly when to refill your machine
• "The Coolest Way to Make Money!"

You’re in complete control of your business venture. You monitor profits and earnings at all hours of the day by tracking your sales wherever you may be. Enjoy working minimal hours while operating a prosperous business.

Franchise Opportunities Through Mini Melts

The franchise alternative opportunities available are low-cost solutions to increased revenue for all entrepreneurs. Everyone enjoys the creamy flavor of ice cream, and you’ll see how beneficial it can be to invest in the Mini Melts business opportunity. Our ice cream business for sale includes financing options for qualified operators to make your start-up as smooth as possible.

Vending machines are becoming commonplace in heavily trafficked areas, which makes our alternative to franchise opportunities for under 10k a sound investment. Customers will see a theatrical robotic performance when they make a purchase from your machine, as the beaded ice cream is dispended to customers.

Where can you place your ice cream machine?

• Indoor or outdoor attractions
• Shopping malls or strip centers
• Destinations for kids (zoos, arcades, amusement parks, carnivals)
• Special events

If you are looking for alternative to franchise opportunities under 10k, partner with Mini Melts through its business opportunity instead. You will earn additional revenue through a fun and unique product. Contact us today! We’re committed to our partners and ensuring you have the support to make your operation successful.