Here We Grow Again…

mmheadqtrMini Melts recently finished work on their new world headquarters in Norwich, Connecticut.

While our plant in Florida was an excellent beginning, we rapidly outgrew it and started looking for larger facilities. In early 2005 we purchased a 160,000 square foot property in Norwich, Connecticut. We finished renovations shortly before hosting the 31st Annual Theme Park Workshop in October 2007, which officially marked the facility becoming our new headquarters. We proudly fly the 26 flags from around the globe which currently enjoy Mini Melts.

With the largest -50°F walk-in freezer in the Northeast United States and a multi-million gallon capacity of delicious Mini Melts, our new facility will serve us and our customers for years to come.

Our plans to open our distribution center in Dallas, Texas continue and we hope to have that completed shortly. We would love to see you in beautiful South Eastern Connecticut, if you get the chance to stop by, and, of course enjoy all the delicious Mini Melts you like. Thank you to everyone who have made and continue to make our growth possible.