History of Ice Cream

Take a guess. How old do you think ice cream is? Which flavors were invented first and how? What did people do when there were no freezers? Fear not, as the premier company for starting your own business which is just like ice cream franchises, we’re here to give you a few fun facts about something we (and probably you) love: ice cream!


The exact date of invention for ice cream isn’t known, but we do know that among the first great ice cream lovers in history was Alexander the Great, who loved to mix snow and ice with honey and nectar. Another big historical figure who famously loved ice cream is Roman Emperor Nero, who was in the habit of sending runners to the mountains to fetch snow so he could mix it with fruits and juices. So the next time you want to feel like the king of the world, maybe find the nearest Mini Melts vending machine for a Cookies and Cream or Cotton Candy Ice flavored ice cream as a hark back to the great ice cream lovers before you that ruled the world.


Alexander the Great riding towards his next bowl of ice cream?


Maybe Emperor Nero’s frowning likeness was sculpted after he was informed the palace had ran out of ice cream.

How ice cream found its way to Europe again after ancient times is debatable, as some claim that Marco Polo brought recipes with him when he returned from his trips in China, at the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries, while others disagree. Whether he really did or not remains questionable, but by the 17th century King Charles I of England was so fond of ice cream he was rumored to have offered his personal ice cream maker a lifetime pension for keeping the recipe a secret. Aren’t we all lucky to live in a time when, if a craving strikes, we can just go to the nearest Mini Melts vending machine without needing to provide anyone a lifetime pension or travel to China…


Niccolo and Marco Polo receive a letter from Kubla Khan. Probably about his favorite ice cream flavor.  


Charles I wishing he’d been born at a time when his castle had a Mini Melts vending machine. 

The first known mention of ice cream in the United States comes from a 1744 letter that was written by a guest of Maryland Governor William Bladen. And the first known advertisement of ice cream was run by New York Gazette in 1777 and promised readers that ice cream would be available “almost every day.”

Imagine how far we’ve come from sending servants to mountains for snow to have it mixed with fruit. In 2015, you don’t have to have the king’s favor or emperor’s approval to start your own ice cream business. All you need is to contact us at Mini Melts to hear about our business opportunities that have great finance rates, awesome products and much more.