Best Ice Cream Business Opportunities

franchise opportunities under 10kIt’s the business of the future. Vending machines are popping up in many destinations and attractions, and we offer you one of the best opportunities to buy and begin an ice cream vending business. Mini Melts is not a franchise, so you’ll experience a great business with no franchise fees or royalties to pay.

Our innovative opportunities provide you with the brand of Mini Melts and a stress-free distribution process. We have a proven method for profit and our distributors become their own bosses, much like other franchises. When you team up with Mini Melts, you will receive a license to use the logo and trademark on the vending machine. Our distributors feature their ice cream for sale in a number of retail and theme park/attractions venues throughout the country, maximizing their chances of seeing a positive return on investment.

If you invest in our ice cream franchise alternative and buy a Mini Melts vending machine, how much exposure will you receive?

You are in complete control of your business venture. We have a network of retailers, but without the royalties and fees that are common with franchises. We have the best alternative that affords you the freedom to choose your locations, and the placement opportunities are limitless.
Make an appropriate decision and feature the highest quality beaded ice cream for sale in a prominent location. It’s a product enjoyed by everyone, and our forward thinking has resulted in one of the best ice cream businesses of the future.

The Alternative to Buying an Ice Cream Franchise

Providing you with vending machines to sell ice cream to customers that crave our product, you can begin your venture of being one of the best businesses in the industry. Our innovative product of the future comes with the amenities and features needed to help you earn income. We have the business opportunities for sale that serve as an alternative to franchise opportunities.

When you buy a Mini Melts package of the future, you’ll receive:

• 18 cases of product in assorted flavors
• Three coolers
• Vending machine
• Storage freezer
• Telemetry device

The telemetry device helps distributors keep an eye on their inventory remotely and be alerted when their machine needs to be restocked. The businesses and opportunities we have for sale provide minimal risk and many luxuries to stay on top of your inventory. We offer additional support to all of our distributors that buy Mini Melts. Come join in on the fun, and earn additional income with “The Coolest Way to Make Money!”