Kilcoyne Brothers Obtain Mini Melts USA Manufacturing Operations and Distribution Rights

Norwich, CT – Tom Mosey, owner of Mini Melts, Inc., announced that its ice cream manufacturing operations and distribution rights in the contiguous United States will be transferred to Mini Melts USA, Inc., an entity owned by long-time and very successful Mini Melts distributors Shawn and Dan Kilcoyne. The transition takes effect on April 26, 2010.

Mini Melts produces cryogenically frozen ice cream in a patented process that uses liquid nitrogen to flash freeze the ice cream in seconds. This process locks in the flavor and produces interesting shapes that resemble popcorn. The product, available in over 50 flavors and worldwide in 27 countries, is continuously kept at -40°F from production through warehousing, transportation and storage, until served to the consumer.

In deciding to make this move, Mosey cited that his extensive international business travels constrain his time commitment toward Mini Melts, Inc., the United States operation. “The Kilcoyne brothers are undoubtedly the right people for the job” stated Mosey, adding that “I have known and worked closely with them as they became our largest customer. In fact, as we developed products, packaging and system improvements over the years we relied on advice from Shawn and Dan.”

Shawn and Dan have operated their Philadelphia based business, Mini Melts of America, Inc., since Mini Melts began US operations in 2003. They have hands-on experience in all channels of distribution used to sell Mini Melts. The product is offered through kiosks, vending machines, carts and serving freezers in various venues such as theme parks, entertainment centers, shopping malls, zoos and anywhere people, particularly children, congregate.

Mini Melts, Inc. is an INC 500 company. The company began producing Mini Melts in its Florida plant in 2003. All US production was consolidated in its 25,000 square foot facility in Norwich that began operating in 2006. At full capacity, over one million gallons of ice cream can be produced annually.

“Beginning as teenagers,” noted Shawn, “Dan and I have devoted all of our professional careers to this industry. We began as Dippin’ Dots dealers in the 1990’s while in high school. In only our third year in business, we became one of their largest dealerships.”

Dan added, “We joined the Mini Melts team from the outset. Shawn and I have had a great relationship with Tom and a lot of respect for what he has accomplished at Mini Melts domestically and abroad.”

Although the Kilcoynes will be making the decisions going forward, Mosey will continue to own the patents, equipment and plant which Shawn and Dan are licensing and operating. So he will continue to have a vested interest in the success of Mini Melts in the US and will remain fully responsible and have complete control of all international operations outside the contiguous United States.