Provide a One-of-a-Kind User Experience when Owning Theatric Ice Cream Vending Machines

On a hot summer day, passing a vending machine allows us to dig into our temptation for ice cream. It’s a guilty pleasure that offers a refreshing feel to the day. We think of ice cream as a treat, a fun snack with delicious flavor. When you want to get into the ice cream business and operate under your own accord, a vending machine is the perfect option.

When you stop at a vending machine, you want an experience. You want to be entertained. Ice cream vending machines provide a unique and one-of-a-kind experience that tie the fun together with its flavor. As an owner of a Mini Melts vending machine, you have the opportunity to give your customers a treat while they are purchasing a treat.

Robotic Arm: When your customers purchase a cup of ice cream, your Fastcorp vending machine’s robotic arm delivers the selection to your customer. Your customers will follow the arm as it moves over the top of the selected flavor.

Hose: You’ll see a hose that is attached to the arm, which acts as a vacuum to suck in air. When the hose reaches the product, the vacuum lifts both the cup of ice cream and the hose, where the cup moves to the top of the delivery door. When the vacuum shuts off, the cup is dropped into the door and delivered to the customers.

Clean Design: Your customers will be attracted to the design of the machine, and the colorful graphics that include the Mini Melts® logo. The clean and inviting design adds to your customer base. Children and adults will watch through the glass as the arm travels to their desired flavor and swiftly pick up a cup of their favorite ice cream, dropping it off to them.

Reliability: When you’re selling Mini Melts, you want to make sure that your customers have the best experience possible. Fastcorp vending machines are extremely reliability. On the rare occasions where there is a glitch, you’ll be alerted by phone or email if there are any issues and when the ice cream supply is running low. Trust the machine for its reliability.

With a theatrical vending performance, machine owners will see the money pile in, and passersby will be captivated by the display that they too will want to make a purchase. Set up your equipment in a location with a lot of foot traffic, and let your machine do the selling. Sit back and relax as the sales rack up, and you’ll see how a user experience can turn more profits than you ever thought imaginable.