Questions to Ask Yourself before Buying Into Any Franchise

It’s great to want to be independent, to shake off the so-called chains of weekly employment and work for yourself, and create your own workforce. However, like any other decision, you must invest in your own life strategically. Our theatrical-style ice cream vending machines are a great way to achieve independence and break into the world of small business, but you must make the decision intelligently and calmly. Look deep within yourself and ask a few questions before getting started with us.

Do you really need to abandon your career right away? Are you really ready to walk away from your income entirely? This might not be the best path of action for you. A wise man once said to work on building your income while you amass your fortune. Don’t be quick to abandon the opportunities you’re currently taking advantage of. You can still build an income from employment while growing your ice cream vending machine empire.

Is there a certain or specific location you have in mind? In this business, location is everything. Brainstorm some locations you feel would be best for your Mini Melts franchise to begin. Find out the people you will have to go through to make this happen. Some will be easier than others. You’re not going to put this vending machine on your driveway, so get ready to do some planning. Never jump into a business opportunity without some planning.

Do you need help thinking of a location? The best way to be successful in business is to find a void, and then fill it. Did you ever wonder why a 25 cent glass of lemonade sold at a child’s lemonade stand sells on a hot day, even if it isn’t cold? It’s because of the combination of the weather crossed with the fact that people want to help that child learn a valuable life lesson. Using similar logic, we can figure that your vending machine should be placed somewhere people will want to cool off with a sweet treat such as amusement parks, outdoor malls in hot weather, and carnivals. Places where people will want to cool off and enjoy a treat for a few bucks without thinking about the cost.

Have you considered using free resources? There are many resources intended to help people start their businesses with help from other business owners throughout their regions. These entities are called Small Business Development Centers, and many areas have one with easy access. Check out your local SBDC for a start, and maybe they, and other individuals close to them, will be able to give you some useful advice.

Are you driven by challenge? Any business opportunity or franchise will come with its own set of challenges, just like the rest of life. Staying on top of your business is necessary and time management can be quite challenging, especially if you own a few dozen ice cream vending machines. Be ready for a challenge, and it’ll pay back in dividends.

Are you prepared for change? Maybe you feel unfulfilled at your current job, like it’s sucking away the best years of your life. You have to be prepared for the drastic changes in your life that will occur when you make the move to work for yourself. No matter what you do, things will change. Nothing stays the same. Make sure that when you’re going through change, you do everything in your power to make it a positive one.

Ask yourself these questions, and don’t be afraid to invest in yourself. Dive right in! Contact us today at 1.888.470.5765 and see where we can get you started.