The Advantages of Starting a Franchise Alternative with a Proven Business

When you own a franchise business, including an ice cream franchise, you can take advantage of widespread and ongoing support from the brand while enjoying the benefits of a recognizable brand name. Starting a business, as a franchise alternative, can be far more profitable.

As time goes on, and you learn the ropes of the business model and the steps to take to ensure success, the brand will be by your side every step of the way. After all, the more sales you are generating, the healthier the business.

Little Capital Investment: With the business model already developed, the start-up cost is minimal. You can start your franchise alternative with a low investment. Starting a business will cost less than you might think, especially when you’re looking at business opportunities through kiosks and vending machines. You can start the business model with an investment of under $10,000.

Independence: As your own boss, operate the way you want to. Use your business savvy and innovative ideas to make the most of your business, and let the product do the selling. Having a vending machine stocked with delicious flavors and the brand name gives you the independence you need to earn additional income. You choose where to place the vending machine to generate the most revenue. Unlike franchises, starting a Mini Melts vending business gives you complete control of the operation and doesn’t require any franchise fees or royalties.

Increased Opportunities: With a reputable ice cream business for sale, you have an advantage and increased opportunities to be successful. A company that you go into business with as a franchise alternative operates with a proven method and quality product. As an owner, you can use the brand recognition and consistency of the product to increase your success.

National Marketing: When you team up with a proven business model, you won’t have to worry about advertising your business. A marketing plan is already in place to make your product recognizable, which attracts a broader clientele in your area.

Low Risk: With a proven business model, you know the formula is tried and tested. You can place vending machines in any location where you envision the highest amount of sales. Starting an independent business is known to have a failure rate of between 70% and 80% in the first year. Partnering with an established company lowers the risk, and increases the chances of success in your business venture.

Select a partner with a proven business model and reap the benefits. As a franchise alternative with no royalties to pay, you can ensure that you make the most of the opportunity.

Take advantage of the benefits and access you’re granted. Utilize the resources of a trusted brand, and watch your new business venture turn profits you never imagined.