Top Three Fall Flavors

With fall, cooler weather is an unavoidable fact of life but, for true ice cream aficionados, a little cold doesn’t mean the end of ice cream cravings. And, we are nothing if not true ice cream aficionados! That’s why for our first fall post we decided to combine work and pleasure by talking about our favorite ice cream flavors to indulge in when we don’t want to go out into the pouring rain and darkness.

  1. Cookie Dough

For colder times of the year, we tend to prefer creamier, richer ice cream flavors. And, as our top-selling flavor, Cookie Dough deserves to be mentioned first. We tried really hard, but couldn’t come up with a more heavenly combination than cookie dough and ice cream for a night in with your friends, loved ones or (best of all, since you’ll get all the cookie dough ice cream) by yourself.

  1. Mint Chocolate

Chocolate! Officially the only thing that can beat cookie dough on a cold fall night, when you’ve snuggled under three blankets on your sofa, is chocolate. And for ice cream purposes, mint chocolate is the perfect flavor combination, with the mint bringing out and balancing the rich chocolate flavor. If you’re not always in the mood to stand in line at your local grocery store (who is?), that’s what our Mini Melts vending machines are for: Delicious mint chocolate ice cream without the tormenting wait.

  1. Birthday Cake

They have birthdays in the fall too! And even if they don’t, it doesn’t really matter. Without wanting to sound too glib, we pretty much think every time you see a Mini Melts vending machine it’s like your birthday all over again. So why not celebrate it with a little birthday cake? And speaking of awesome flavor combinations, there aren’t a lot of things better than a birthday cake and ice cream wrapped into one delicious cup.

Bonus Option: Rainbow Ice

We picked this one as a bonus option because one of the best things about fall is the beautiful color schemes of the changing leaves. So, to either compete with or complement them, Rainbow Ice is the perfect delicious and colorful choice. If you haven’t tried it out yet, next time you see a Mini Melts ice cream vending machine, maybe it’s time to bring more color to your life…