What Makes Mini Melts Ice Cream the “Coolest Way to Make Money”?

With the highest quality of beaded ice cream, and delicious flavors that will melt in your mouth, our partners have found out why Mini Melts ice cream is the “Coolest Way to Make Money”. The opportunities are endless, and the customers enjoy the exciting flavors on a hot summer day.

But more than that, the ice cream itself is “cool.” The beads of ice cream are manufactured cryogenically, utilizing liquid Nitrogen to flash freeze the Mini Melts, which are then maintained at a temperature of -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

The shape and style of the beads make the ice cream easy to serve, and easier for children to eat the product without making a mess. You want to provide something unique to stand out from the crowd. Beaded ice cream in vending machines gives your customers the freedom of purchasing a cup of ice cream whenever they want.

You can sit back and relax throughout the week while the ice cream continues to sell. The best thing about a vending machine business is seeing sales and profits at all hours of the day. You receive alerts, via the Internet, when your machine is running low on product to remind you to restock. It’s a simple and affordable franchise alternative, and requires minimal hours each week.

When it comes to selling Mini Melts ice cream, the business opportunities are never-ending. You can make your new business venture as profitable as possible. Our innovative equipment has our customers in mind, and when you partner with us you can sell the ice cream through the equipment of your choice.

While a vending machine offers many benefits and minimal working hours so you can truly be your own boss, it’s your business venture. Choose from the following pieces of equipment to boost your sales and profits:

  • Vending Machine
  • Push Cart
  • Hut
  • Grab N Go Freezer

Our partners love their business. As a franchise alternative, you have the luxury of making additional money with no franchise fees or royalties.  With appropriate pricing, high-profit locations, and keeping your ice cream stocked, you’ll quickly see a positive return on investment.

It’s all about location. If you set up your equipment at a festival, zoo, or amusement park where you’ll see many people passing by, you’ll earn more money from the business venture than placing your equipment in an obscure location with little foot traffic.

When you find the right location and are offering unbeatable prices to make your Mini Melts equipment stand out, you’ll see why our product has been talked about as the “Coolest Way to Make Money.” If you want to partner with Mini Melts USA, Inc. and learn how to run a vending machine business, you’ll be backed by our brand and quality products. Contact us today and start your own business opportunity. You’ll never find a more fun way to earn additional income.