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Our Story

Mini Melts was conceived and invented by college friends Nick Angus and Tom Mosey in 1995. Nick and Tom dreamt of a revolutionary way to make ice cream. After many trials they finally invented Mini Melts, using Liquid Nitrogen at -320ยฐF (-196ยฐC) to instantly flash freeze their liquid ice cream base.

The USA Patent office agreed that Mini Melts was so revolutionary they awarded Nick and Tom a Patent. Since then, Mini Melts has grown worldwide.

We have licensed production facilities around the globe and have formed lifelong friendships with our partners.

In 2022 we celebrated our silver anniversary in Seoul Korea. Now, delicious Mini Melts can be found in over 50 countries. Under Mini Melts Inc, the global brand holder, billions and billions of delicious balls of Mini Melts have been enjoyed since our humble beginnings.

We constantly improvise and recently launched a revolutionary new product, Mini Melts Big, a delicious new product taking the ice cream world by storm, just as Mini Melts did over 25 years ago.

Mini Melts Mission

Mini Melts makes delicious gourmet frozen desserts. We use only the purest flavors and colors to enhance the richest of ice cream and frozen dessert mixes available.

We will only deliver a fresh and consistent product unique in the world of ice cream. Our customers, suppliers, and everyone in our organization will be treated with honesty, fairness and respect.

As the global leader in cryogenic dessert manufacturing, our endeavor is to always make a positive impact in all communities around the world.

Worldwide Opportunities

We now offer Mini Melts in over 50 countries and we are growing everyday.


Mini Melts Around The World

The massive growth potential of Mini Melts has led to the increase in the number of distribution channels across the globe. We have designed our factories in anticipation of the growing market and the possible expansion into potential new segments and currently have a worldwide production capacity in the millions of gallons.

Inquiry For Your Country

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About Mini Melts, Inc.

Mini Melts, Inc. operates the global trademark and patents for Mini Melts. With over 20 years experience operating in over 50 countries, Mini Melts, Inc. has, by far, the most experience in the operation of cryogenic ice cream equipment of any company in the world. With tens of millions of satisfied customers, we have truly revolutionized the world of ice cream.

We work closely with our global partners to improve efficiency, streamline our operations and develop new products for our ever changing markets. We would welcome the opportunity to work with you to develop Mini Melts in your country and add another nation to the ever expanding world of Mini Melts. Please contact us today to receive information on starting Mini Melts in your home country.

As the world leader in cryogenic pelletization, Mini Melts can also assist your company in pelletizing solutions over a wide range of industries including food processing and pharmaceuticals.